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Gadgets for Windows 7
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This site provides reviews and download links to 38 of the best gadgets for Windows 7, each one designed to help you get the most out of your Windows 7 experience. Awesome gadgets for Facebook, Google Search, eBay that let you quickly access to the features you use most and personalize your Desktop. Microsoft Gallery has recently stopped supporting many wonderful sidebar gadgets, so we're stepping in to help you locate and enjoy the gadgets you love!

Frequent Gadget Questions:
How do I Add/Uninstall a gadget? (Windows 7)
Right click your desktop background and select "Gadgets" from the context menu. A new panel will be displayed with all the gadgets installed on your PC. Right-click the selected gadget to either 'Add' it to your sidebar or 'Uninstall' it from your machine.

So how do I add a gadget back to my Sidebar? (Vista)
Simply click the "Add Gadgets" button at the top of your sidebar (symbol is a +), locate the proper gadget and double click it.  It might take a few seconds to re-appear in your Sidebar, depending on the speed of your computer.

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Youtube gadget for Windows 7

YouTube Gadget for Windows

A whopping 24 hours of content are uploaded on Youtube with each passing minute. Keep pace with it using this sweet little gadget that allows you to search for your favorite videos on YouTube right from your desktop. This nifty gadget includes a boatload of search and playlist filters that include, top rated, most popular, most discussed, most linked, and a 11 different categories to keep you entertained all day long. If you don't like the videos, just click the 'YouTube' image at the top and this gadget will rotate in new options.

YouTube Gadget

Designer Site:
Marcel Verwery

Warcraft gadget for Windows 7

World of Warcraft Gadget for Windows

This simple gadget displays the realm status of the WoW server E.U. or U.S. with a quick list for 'My Realms'. This cool gadget also includes many other useful features like; a multi-site item search that displays results from many popular WoW resources, a quick access to WoW news and a ton of useful links, or even launch the game right from the gadget. Choose from 6 color themes, they all look absolutely great, we really recommend you give this gadget a try.

WoW Gadget

Designer Site:

Gmail gadget for Windows 7

Gmail Gadget for Windows

What's better than one Gmail gadget? TWO Gmail gadgets! This one is very similar to our other favorite Gmail gadget, but boasts five display colors. Account access in the latest versions is done "excusively via SSL/Accessed HTAccess" to help keep your information secure while providing easy access to your most recent mail. The display colors can be set to altrenate every time you receive a new message. Simple, elegant and functional, great for any desktop!

Gmail Gadget

Designer Site:

Gmail gadget for Windows 7

Gmail Gadget for Windows

Here's a useful gadget. This easy to use gadget discreetly gives you access to your latest email messages. What this gadget lacks in flashy bells or whistles it makes up in simplicity. This gadget includes some great mouseover effects that give you a preview of what the email contains. If you like to know the moment an email arrives this gadget has a chime alert that can be a real blessing. Props to the creator of this gadget, Jack Chapple!

Gmail Gadget

Jack Chapple

Outlook gadget for Windows 7

Outlook Gadget for Windows

Nice mail gadget that sync's to Windows Outlook, more information coming on this gadget soon.

Outlook Gadget

Ben Lemmon

Areo Glass gadgets for Windows 7

Aero Glass Gadget Set for Windows

This is a highly acclaimed set of 14 useful gadgets. This amazing gadget set includes: Clock, Weather, CPU, Network & HDD Monitor, Stream Player, Notepad and whole lot more. This set is a MUST for anyone who appreciates both stylish and functional gadgets.

This pack contains 14 gadgets:

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • System control (shutdown, restart & lock)
  • CPU meter
  • Email
  • Net bar (monitors download/upload speed)
  • Net usage stats
  • Notes colour
  • Notes white
  • Drive info
  • Radio
  • Recycle Bin
  • Stats
  • Weather

Aero Gadget Set

Designer Site:

Digital alarm clock gadget for Windows 7

Digital Alarm Clock for Windows

A very stylish digital clock w/alarm. We were impressed by the completeness of the design. Display the current time with or without showing the seconds in five colorful overlays. Double click the display to open a flyout panel containing the alarm settings. Set a fixed alarm with a single click (1,2,5,10,20,30 minutes), or set it for a custom time using the advanced features, still very easy to use! You can also choose the sound file for the alarm within the Alarm Clock setting panel.

Digital Alarm Clock Gadget


Stock Ticker Gadget for Windows 7

Stock Ticker Gadget for Windows

If you like to stay current with 'The Market', this is the gadget for you. Keeping an eye on individual stock prices is a breeze under the "My Quotes" tab, with a symbol lookup built-in for ease of use. There are no visual customizations available with this gadget but it functions perfectly, give it a try.

Stock Ticker Gadget


Stock Ticker Gadget for Windows 7

Fidelity Stock Gadget for Windows

Another stock market gadget that works very nicely in Windows 7. This gadget monitors the major markets. Use the flyout to lookup stock symbols and add them into the display. Once the new symbol is added, there's a wealth of additional information available by simply clicking the displayed symbol. Retrieve information like: Open, Volume, Day High, Day Low, Tick, Change, Change Percentage, and additional tabs for charting and recent news.

Fidelity Gadget

Fidelity Labs

MSN weather gadget for Windows 7

MSN Weather Gadget for Windows

This is a very popular gadget and useful for planning your daily activities. Type in your city and you will have an instantly updated forecast. Double click the gadget or maximize it to reveal a 7-day weather forecast for the region. High/Low Temps are displayed along with the general weather conditions. Even more information is displayed in a pop-out panel when you click the "Details" link(humidity, wind speed, sunrise/sunset time, and more).

MSN Weather Gadget

Designer Site:

Weatherbug gadget for Windows 7

Weatherbug Gadget for Windows

Get accurate and up-to-date weather and a 7-day extended forecast right where you want it, on your Desktop! If you know the zip code, you can look up the weather for virtually any location. Also this gadget can minimize or expand to conserve space on your sidebar and display the weather in a wide range of formats, choose from radar, camera, live conditions or forecast.

Weatherbug Gadget

Designer Site:

Facebook gadget for Windows 7

Facebook Gadget for Windows

If you're Facebook user then you'll certainly appreciate the instant updates you get from this elegant little gadget. While the design is superb, it also allows you to do many useful Facebook tasks like instantly tracking your messages, notifications and friend activity. Other social features include alphabetical access to your friends list, comments, likes, and news feeds. This gadget has 10 themes, so there's bound to be one just for you.

Facebook Gadget

Designer Site:

Twitter gadget for Windows 7

Twitter Gadget for Windows

Another great gadget from the Build A Gadget crew that lets you access your Twitter account and provides you with all manner of tweets and chirps. This gadget also allows you to perform a keyword search on Twitter in a large flyout panel, very nice. Also, there are a list of customization setting for: size, font, feed update, and several audio notification options. For security this gadget has been digitally signed so you know it's safe.

Twitter Gadget

Designer Site:

Twitter gadget for Windows 7

Tweetz Gadget for Windows

Looking for a way to stay check out the social scene, try Tweetz! This nifty gadget can integrate directly to your twitter account using a PIN number. This gadget is full of function and still quite simple to use.

Tweetz Gadget

Designer Site:

eBay gadget for Windows 7

eBay Gadget for Windows

This super useful gadget integrates easily with your eBay account allowing you to search eBay right from your desktop, and track your active auctions providing you with instant updates to the items you are watching or bidding on.

eBay Gadget

Designer Site:

Google Search gadget for Windows 7

Google Search Gadget for Windows

Very handy little tool that puts the all the power of a Google right on your desktop. If you Google a lot (who doesn't) this is the gadget for you. Not quite as much variety as the All Search gadget, but certainly takes up less space and may be all your really looking for.

Google Search Gadget

Designer Site:

All Search gadget for Windows 7

All Search Gadget for Windows

This great little utility brings a lot of the functionality of the internet right to your desktop. It's very easy to use and configurable to whatever language or location you prefer. Comes with 16 elegant background images so it will fit in with whatever desktop theme you prefer.

All Search Gadget

Designer Site:

Network Monitor Gadget for Windows 7

Network Monitor Gadget for Windows

Network Meter is a very popular network desktop gadget for Windows. It show your SSID (Service Set Identifier), signal quality, internal IP address, external IP address, IP lookup with Google maps, speed test (check your internet speed), upload speed, download speed, remaining (quota, usage and day), total of usage and whether your connection is secure or not secure. Additional flyout features show virtually all your network information.

Network Monitor Gadget

Designer Site:

Wifi Monitor Gadget for Windows 7

Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget for Windows

This clever gadget from Xirrus not only looks great, it provides a detailed look at wireless networks in range of your PC. As you can see in the image it actually triangulates the signal strength and location, and a whole lot more. It provides a big flyout panel filled with a data table that displays a number of properties for any access points detected! This gadget is digitally signed and works great in Windows 7.

Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget

Designer Site:

CPU gadget for Windows 7

All CPU Meter 4.6 Gadget for Windows

Quite possibly the most popular resource monitoring gadget available, The All CPU Meter is a 'must have' for any gadget fan. Extremely versatile, All CPU Meter doesn't take up much space and shows a variety of information about your processor type, current clock speed, and memory usage, even CPU core temperature. The colorful graph and bar chart make it fun and easy to monitor your CPU/RAM load at a glance. This is a great tool that we highly recommend(if you dont already have it!), the best!

CPU Gadget

Designer Site:

ATI/Nvidia performance gadget for Windows 7

ATI/Nvidia Performance Gadget for Windows

Performance users will be able to appreciate this versatile gadget. At a glance you can monitor your GPU temperature(in Celcius or Fahrenheit), fan speed core clock and voltage, memory load and a few other options... if they are supported by your graphics drivers. This gadget works simutaneously on up to four graphics cards and displays in five popular colors.

ATI/Nvidia Performance Gadget

Designer Site:

HDD Monitor gadget for Windows 7

HDD Monitor Gadget for Windows

Another great monitoring tool from the AddGadgets Team. Same elegant easy-to-read visual style as their other gadgets. My only caveat is that it does not appear to be quite as far along as the others. Some of the elements cannot be turned off like on CPU Meter and Network Meter, which can lead to a slightly more cluttered display than you may have wanted. Still, this is a very solid gadget that offers loads of information about your Drives and their activity.

HDD Monitor Gadget

Designer Site:

Battery Meter gadget for Windows 7

Battery Gadget for Windows

Put this nifty compact Battery Meter Gadget on your laptop PC and you can display your battery's: Status, Percent Remaining, Time Remaining, Designed Voltage, Current Voltage, Charge Rate, Discharge Rate, Current Charge Capacity, Maximum Charge Capacity, Designed Capacity, Retain Capacity, Manufacture, Device Name, Unique ID, Serial Number and Chemistry... amazing!

Battery Meter Gadget

Designer Site:

Top 5 Gadget for Windows 7

Top 5 Gadget for Windows

Ever wonder what is taking your computer so long to load? Now you can find out with this slick little task tracker. It shows the top five CPU or memory usage for programs running on your PC. It also offers a refresh interval setting, and several different color options.

Top 5 Gadget

Designer Site:

Sticky Note Gadget for Windows 7

Note Gadget for Windows

Were you looking for this? Store strings of text quickly and easily on your desktop. This all time winner was ported from Vista and works great in Windows 7. The sticky note color comes in six colors. This gadget does popout for a larger surface and allows you to view/edit multiple notes at once... We hope you like Segoe Font, cause that's the only option!

Note Gadget

Designer Site:

Clipboard gadget for Windows 7

Clipboard Gadget for Windows

This plucky little gadget manages a mess of clipboard data with ease. With a click you can toggle the active clipboard text or images. Save up to 999 different clipboard objects, with some great customization options, this gadget is going to show you what you've been missing.

Clipboard Gadget

Designer Site:

Translation gadget for Windows 7

Translation Gadget for Windows

A powerful utility that can save you from all kinds of faux pas. Auto Translator Languages this gadget translateshas support for 20 languages. Theres not a whole lot of options in this little gem, but it is very straightforward to use and works well. Here's a quick shot of the languages it translates:

Translation Gadget Gadget

Designer Site:

Dictionary gadget for Windows 7

Dictionary Gadget for Windows

Here's a simple gadget that can give you a 50,000 word dictionary on your sidebar. No settings or options, so it is a bit limited but still a great asset to students or writer of any kind.

Dictionary Gadget


BBC News gadget for Windows 7

RSS Gadget for Windows

Bring this simple RSS gadget onto your desktop and access any RSS (Really Simple Sindication) feed you'd like. The gadget itself is quite plain with no advanced options, it does pop out for a larger look at the headlines. This gadget is one of Microsoft's own so you can still grab it at the Gallery.

Download RSS Gadget


Sound control gadget for Windows 7

Sound Control Gadget for Windows

Adjusting the sound level was never quite as cool until we found this stylish sound controller. The popout has a fine tune adjustment where you can increase/decrease the volume for each individual speaker, excellent for tuning your surround sound. Once you have your ideal volume set you can even save separate profiles giving this gadget. We would have liked to see the volume control adjust using a draggable slider, instead the master volume adjusts by 4-6% increments, still a great gadget overall.

Sound Control Gadget

Designer Site:

Equalizer gadget for Windows 7

Equalizer Gadget for Windows

Looking around for great gadgets we struck gold on this one. A fully functional 16 band graphic equalizer that can display in four stunning formats. This gadget includes other options to 10 custom display color/skins... and control over the EQ decay rate, update interval and gain. This is one of many great gadgets by orbmu2k, a true gadget guru!

Equalizer Gadget

Designer Site:

itunes gadget for Windows 7

iTunes Gadget for Windows

Open your iTunes and access your music and playlists with this helpful little gadget player. Life is good once you get this gadget sync'ed up with your iTunes, and set to update automatically.

iTunes Gadget


Piano gadget for Windows 7

Piano Gadget for Windows

Missing your baby grand? Well, here's the next best thing a stylish popout piano gadget for your Windows Sidebar. This 24-key piano is certain to provide you some fun. Click the keys with your mouse or play using your keyboard, its your choice. Keyboard layouts for other languages are included, if you like this gadget, check out some others from GadgetWe.com

Piano Gadget

Designer Site:

Metronome gadget for Windows 7

Metronome Gadget for Windows

What goes better with a desktop piano gadget then a metronome? This elegant gadget helps you keep your timing, with five different sounds, click, snare, base drum or disco, light only. If you are a musician you might want to give this gadget a try.

Metronome Gadget

Designer Site:

10-in-1 formula calculator gadget for Windows 7

Formula Calculator Gadget for Windows

Here's a handy gadget for all you scientists and engineers that can give you a quick conversion for Area, Energy, Flowrate, Force, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Velocity or Volume right on your sidebar. Complete and precise, a great gadget to have at your disposal.

Formula Calculator Gadget

Designer Site:

Calculator gadget for Windows 7

Calculator Gadget for Windows

One of the most useful gadgets you could have on your sidebar is just this, a calculator. This one is a bit old, does the trick. This versatile calc expands to offer a range of scientific functions, the best!

Calculator Gadget

Designer Site:

Calculator gadget for Windows 7

Calculator Gadget for Windows

A second calculator gadget with a bit of a different style. Along with its great looks, this gagdet pops out for a range of additional functions.

Calculator Gadget

Designer Site:


If you have any praise, criticism, feedback or review suggestions please use the comment form to let us know what you think!

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